Celebrating 45 Years!

board of directors

Our organization is governed by community minded people who are committed to enhancing the accessibility and availability of our services. The Board ensures the organization maintains high standards of accountability. While working with our leadership team, the Board is tasked with setting the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring the delivery aligns with our Mission, Vision and Values. The MSC relies on our Board of Directors community members to voice their experience, input, and invaluable expertise.

All documents pertaining to our governance processes, decision-making and performance are available upon request, subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Requests for this information can be sent to: info@multiservicecentre.com

Fran Bell - Chair

Fran Bell


As an active resident of the Tillsonburg community for over thirty years, and now fully retired, Fran is involved in a number of community organizations in various capacities. She is passionate about ensuring that the quality of life in Tillsonburg remains high. Tillsonburg & District MSC makes valuable contributions to individuals in the tri-county area, changing lives for the better and bringing together many services under one umbrella.

Valerie Foerster

vice chair & Fundraising chair

Valerie was born in Tillsonburg and together with her husband owns a printing business in the area. Being on the board gives Valerie an opportunity to contribute back to the community

David Morris


David’s career for 36 years was in Municipal Administration in the Town of Tillsonburg, most recently as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town from which he retired in 2009. He is supportive of the concept of the Multiservice Centre and The Livingston Centre in providing one stop social services to the tri-County Area. David joined the Board upon his retirement to give back to the community and support the important services being provided by this great organization.

Marian Muth


Marian is a longtime resident of the area and has owned and maintained an agricultural business for 41 years. She volunteers with the Tillsonburg & District MSC because she believes it provides a valuable and needed service in our area and gives her an opportunity to give back to a community in which Marian enjoys a good quality of life that she wishes for everyone.

Helen Lamos-Parker


Helen was born in Tillsonburg, and spent her career in business education, largely in London. On retirement she returned to Tillsonburg and began volunteering more than ten years ago with the Tillsonburg & District MSC. As a third generation recipient of our services, Helen volunteers because she believes wholeheartedly that the work of the MSC improves the quality of life for many individuals…Many can stay in their homes because of the independence MSC services provides.

Barb Clendenning


Barb is a long-time resident of Tillsonburg, having raised both of her children here.  When her son was an infant, she used the services of MSC for the first time.  She was then involved with the MSC for many years in her professional life, working in the home and community care industry.  Barb is now retired and is thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community as an MSC volunteer.

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Employment: 519-842-9008 ext. 291

Literacy: 519-842-9008 ext.266

Home Support: 519-842-9008 ext. 317

Livingston Centre: 519-842-9000


The Tillsonburg & District Multi-Service Centre is a registered charity that began operation in 1978. That means this year, we’re celebrating 45 years as a resource for Employment, Literacy, and Home Support to people in the tri-county area. We have spent 45 years ensuring our services are high quality and accessible. The MSC is an accredited organization that is proud to support people in our community yesterday, today, and for years to come!