Celebrating 45 Years!

Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

“The MSC helped me get into the line of work I enjoy, but also gave me the confidence and mindset that I’m capable of accomplishing greatness.”     David, Employment Services Client

Since 1978, the Multi-Service Centre has been providing much needed employment, literacy, and home support services to those living in Tillsonburg and surrounding area. We support seniors to remain independent in their homes with access to healthy meals through our hot and frozen Meals on Wheels program, transportation services to medical appointments, grocery buddy program, foot care, and more. Many of these services are available at a reduced cost to our clients thanks to our volunteers who generously share their time and talent.

In addition to home support, the MSC provides local businesses and job seekers with resume development, interview training, literacy and computer upgrading, networking opportunities, hiring supports, on-site training, and job grant support through our employment services… all for free. The MSC also provides a literacy program helping individuals learn how to read and write as well as improve numeracy and computer skills.

Last year, the Multi-Service Centre provided hope and a brighter future for over 2,300 individuals living in our community. Many struggled from the pandemic’s effects and we were there to help. We supported them to find meaningful employment, provided friendly visits to seniors coping with loneliness, delivered meals and groceries to the elderly facing day-to-day challenges of accessing healthy food, provided medical appointment transportation, and supported individuals desperately trying to upgrade technology skills to communicate with family and friends online, all following COVID 19 safety protocols.

Now We Need Your Help

Help strengthen our community! As a nonprofit charitable organization, the Multi-Service Centre relies heavily on community donations and volunteer support to enhance and expand our current programs. This year, our fundraising goal is $32,000 and your support is needed now more than ever. Your donation will support program enhancements such as volunteer recruitment and training, the purchase of new literacy materials and technology, transportation, and meal expense shortfalls for seniors trying to make ends meet.

Every gift makes a difference. Please consider making a donation to the Multi-Service Centre today. Whether it is a monetary gift or a gift of your time, your donation will help change the life of someone in our community.

Thank you to all of our generous donors and volunteers for their continued support and dedication!

The services at the Multi-Service Centre were life changing for me. They helped me so quickly to find employment and went above and beyond for me. As well, they gave me immense support, helped me hone my abilities, etc. I cannot say enough good about them and their staff.” – Employment Services Client

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For contact info regarding complaints, please click here

Employment: 519-842-9008 ext. 291

Literacy: 519-842-9008 ext.266

Home Support: 519-842-9008 ext. 317

Livingston Centre: 519-842-9000


The Tillsonburg & District Multi-Service Centre is a registered charity that began operation in 1978. That means this year, we’re celebrating 45 years as a resource for Employment, Literacy, and Home Support to people in the tri-county area. We have spent 45 years ensuring our services are high quality and accessible. The MSC is an accredited organization that is proud to support people in our community yesterday, today, and for years to come!