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We understand that medical appointments are just as important as social ones so MSC can get you where you need to go in our trusted volunteer’s vehicle. We escort you there and back and make sure you get into the building safely and on time. Rides must be booked in advance to make sure each individual ride is scheduled from start to finish. We prefer as much notice as possible especially for longer trips to further hospitals. 

This service is appropriate if you can get into the car on your own or with minimal assistance. We are able to accommodate canes and walkers and if wheelchair access is required we can refer you to Stonebridge Community Services


There is a per km cost to this service that covers gas and maintenance of the volunteer’s vehicle. It is updated regularly. 


55+ and Tillsonburg and surrounding area. Client must be able to transfer into and out of the vehicle with minimal assistance. 


Have questions? Reach out to Chris Yancy.

519-842-9008 ext. 275



Learn more about the MSC and Stonebridge transportation services in Oxford, Norfolk and Elgin counties. 

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