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Interview Dos and Don’ts You Haven’t Considered Yet

Some interview tips are obvious – be pleasant, dress professionally, demonstrate your skills.  But, if everyone already knows these common tips, what kinds of things will make you really stand out from other candidates? This list of dos and don’ts will help you be as memorable as possible. 


Research the company and role

  • Review the company website if they have one and make sure you’re familiar with the job posting. Otherwise, it may look like you applied to any job, rather than ones you were qualified for or interested in.

Understand the types of interviews

  • It will be easier to prepare if you’re familiar with different types of interviews, such as traditional, screening, or behavioural based interviews. Read more about the types of interviews here.

Understand the different types of Questions they may ask

  • Just like interview styles, there are different kinds of questions to prepare for as well. It’s a great idea to practice answering all kinds of common questions beforehand.


Over rehearse

  • It’s important to practice, but don’t try to memorize answers. This could make you seem robotic and disingenuous. You can ask for a moment to think during the interview if you need to and making a small mistake doesn’t ruin your chances.


Put down your previous employer

  • Speaking negatively about a past job says more about you than it does the employer. Try to remain positive, and highlight skills the past position helped you build.


List all your skills

  • You only need to talk about skills that are relevant to the position you’re interviewing for.

Most importantly, remember that the person interviewing you is human too! It’s okay to ask for clarification when you need to, make some mistakes, and be honest. Being yourself is important because you want to get a job that fits your interests and abilities. The interviewer probably won’t expect you to be perfect, but they will expect you to be professional and prepared.

For more interview tips, guidance, and practice, check out our free, virtual workshop Polish Your Interview Skills!

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