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Prove it! 5 Ways to Make Your Resume More Impressive

You’ve worked hard to develop the skills and qualifications through the experience that you include on you resume, but do your potential employers know just how impressive you are? Check out this list for some great tips on how you can represent yourself through real, tangible proof on your application that will be sure to amaze hiring managers!

1. Add Numbers Whenever Possible

What sounds better – “served customers” or “served over 60 customers per day”? How about “Supervised a team” or “supervised a team of 12 employees”? By adding a quantifiable amounts and real results, you will turn your list of daily responsibilities into exciting achievements!

2. Provide Testimonials

A testimonial is a reference from a third party. Having someone else express their appreciation or respect for your positive qualities can have a huge impact! You can present this in a variety of ways: If it is a brief testimonial, it can be included at the top of your resume as a quote. If it is longer, it can be included on your cover letter, or attached on a separate piece of paper.

3. Include Recommendations

Providing a professional letter of recommendation with your resume and cover letter can have a colossal impact on your job search! Be proactive and request recommendations from supervisors, clients, coworkers, colleagues, direct reports, or others you know professionally. When you ask them, be specific about what you’d like them to share. It will be even more effective if they speak to skills relevant to a job you’re applying for.

4. Show Up on LinkedIn

Almost like a public resume, LinkedIn is a great resource to boast your personal brand! Your profile will allow potential employers to get to know you better and put a face to your name. It can showcase your education and experience by highlighting skills that you developed, which are then supported by peers and colleagues.

5. Use Endorsements

Another great perk of having a LinkedIn profile is having endorsements! An endorsement is when one of your connections approves a skill or quality that you are claiming to have. For example, if you say that you have excellent customer service skills, and a past manager agrees and endorses that skill, future employers can quickly see that you have successfully demonstrated this skill in other roles.

In the end, the best way to make your resume remarkable is to prove your skills and abilities! Whether you do that through numbers, testimonials, recommendations, your LinkedIn profile, or a combination of these efforts, showing your potential employers that you can walk the walk is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the crowd! Need some more resume help? Contact one of our Employment Consultants today!

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