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So You Got the Interview! Now What?

Congratulations on your upcoming interview!

You submitted your resume and they liked it.  Now it’s time to elaborate on the skills and experiences that caught their attention. Before attending the interview, it’s important to prepare yourself, and have everything ready that you’ll need to make yourself stand out as the best candidate and land yourself a new job!

First things first – collect the information that you’ll need to guide your preparation. Make sure you know the following information:

  • The date, time, and exact location of the interview
  • The name of the interviewer and how to notify them when you’ve arrived (is there a receptionist?)
  • The style of interview to expect (click here to learn more about interview styles!)
  • Anything you should bring along with you
  • Additional contact information for the person interviewing in case there are any emergencies on the day of the interview

Once you have all the important details written down, it’s time to start preparing:

1. Practice, practice, practice

If you know the interview style the company will be using, think about what types of questions you can expect and consider how you will answer them. If you don’t know, try to prepare for a couple of questions that could be used for each style so you aren’t caught off guard. Bonus points for practicing out loud in a mirror!

2. Review the job posting and company

If you’ve been job hunting, it’s possible that you’ve handed out a resume to a couple of different places. Make sure you’re prepared for this specific interview by taking another look at the job posting and company website so you’re prepared with relevant answers.

3. Choose the appropriate attire

Think about what you’re going to wear in advance, so you aren’t scrambling when it’s time to head out the door. Try on the outfit and make sure it’s clean, fits well, and looks professional. If you don’t have interview clothing, take a shopping trip.  Thrift stores often have a great selection if money is tight, or consider borrowing something from a friend.

4. Gather your things

Compile anything you might need during the interview. If the interviewer didn’t mention anything in particular, be prepared with your resume, a list of references, a pen, paper or notebook to take notes, and your portfolio if you have one.  This will make you look prepared and organized. Make sure non-interview-related things are ready, too, like your keys, wallet, and glasses.  Make sure everything you’ll need is ready to go.

5. Eat well and get some rest

You’ll want lots of positivity and energy! Get plenty of sleep the night before, and eat healthy foods so you’re feeling good and can focus all of your attention on performing your best at the interview!

Following these tips will help you feel prepared and confident for your interview! Learn more at one of our Monthly Interview Workshops! If you’d like some more things to consider, check out our blog on Interview Dos and Don’ts You Haven’t Considered Yet

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