About multi-service Centre

Opened in 1978 in Tillsonburg Ontario, the Multi-Service Centre (MSC) is an accredited, charitable organization dedicated to promoting high quality accessible community services in Oxford, Elgin and Norfolk Counties.

We promote individual wellness by:

Supporting seniors and people with disabilities, enabling them to maintain independence in their home through in-home care and caregiver support. Our services are delivered with respect, dignity and compassion by professionally trained and qualified staff and volunteers. Our home support team provides 24 hour support, on-call availability and remote monitoring to help ensure safe and accessible care. All home support services are supervised by a registered nurse.

We promote economic wellness by:

Helping people develop new skills and the knowledge to help find and maintain employment. Our employment consultants help people find and obtain work. Our job developers work to help businesses create and fund jobs. Our educators and trainers build and strengthen the skills that lead to employment.

We promote community wellness by:

Helping connect people to the services they need. As a founding partner of The Livingston Centre and the Campus of Care, MSC nurtures innovative collaborative partnerships that increase the availability, accessibility and effectiveness of community services.

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The Multi-Service Centre is a charitable organization providing excellence in employment, literacy and home support services to Oxford, Norfolk and Elgin communities through partnerships and innovation that allow others to embrace their personal independence.


Building a Community of inclusiveness, innovation and independence together.


The Multi-Service Centre values Collaboration, Diversity, Integrity, Respect, and Quality.