Home At Last (HAL) Services

Home At Last (HAL) Services: Your Pathway Back to Comfort

Home At Last is a Southwest LHIN funded program provided at no cost to eligible seniors and people with functional challenges. This service provides elderly people with a way to get back home after hospital stays.

Transitioning You Back to the Comfort of Home

MSC facilitates this important transition after a hospital stay. We know that returning home after a hospital stay requires more than a taxi ride. We book the ride, ensure that your medications and groceries come home with you, and help you get settled in.

Personalized Home Transition Plans

We provide any necessary personal care, light housekeeping, bedding preparation, bathing, prescription pick up also drop off, and other tasks as needed case by case. Some clients have a ride but still need transition care. This HAL program allows us to meet you at home at a scheduled time and take care of the items that your family and friends aren’t able to.

Back To Home After Hospital Stay

Cost & Eligibility

Help after Surgery & Hospital Stays

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