Adult Math Skills

Empowering Adults Through Math Literacy

At MSC, our Adult Math Programs empower seniors and individuals with disabilities to sustain their independence.

MSC Math Tutoring

Improve Your Math Skills With Tutoring

It is never too late to improve your math skills. Math helps with everyday tasks such as solving problems, managing finances, and making informed decisions. Strong math skills are crucial for many careers, including finance, serving, construction, engineering, and technology.

Why Math Literacy Matters in Everyday Life

Being math-literate opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities and can expand your earning potential.

Improves brain function and cognitive abilities

Math literacy helps individuals budget, save, invest, and make informed decisions about loans and mortgages. 

Math literacy encourages individuals to evaluate information, make evidence-based decisions, and think logically.

Flexible Learning Options for Busy Schedules

We offer continuous entry into our programs and flexible daytime and evening classes year-round in Tillsonburg and Woodstock with supportive, caring staff and trained volunteers.

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