English Literacy Classes

Empowering Adults with English Language Skills

Whether you are a native English speaker or are someone looking to enhance their language skills, mastering English opens doors to a range of benefits in Canada. It enhances job prospects, provides access to resources and services, unlocks opportunities for further education, and facilitates the citizenship process. Clear and proficient communication in English is invaluable for personal, professional, and societal integration.

Customised English Literacy Programs

At the MSC, our Literacy Services help new citizens, seniors, and people with disabilities to maintain their independence.

Improve Your English Communication Skills

When we think of successful people, one thing they all have in common is the ability to communicate well. Taking the time to improve your communication skills can be highly rewarding.

English Language Classes

There are many reasons why learning English is useful in daily life. Improving speaking, reading, and writing skills is important in Canada. It enhances job opportunities, enables access to resources, services, and entertainment, and social inclusion. 

English Tutoring for Job Seekers

Flawless written communication is a huge asset when looking for a new career. Excellent communication skills will help you get noticed across all stages of job seeking. 

From getting your resume to the top of the list, to communicating clearly and effectively during interviews, all the way up to working with colleagues and clients after you’ve achieved employment, your English skills follow you throughout your career.

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