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Services for Youth

Multi-Service Centre Employment Services offers a full suite of year-round programs for young people. Whether you have completed school and are ready to enter into the workforce, or are interested in obtaining a part-time or summer employment opportunity, the Multi-Service Centre Employment Services Team can help.  We offer specialized classes and work with you towards obtaining your goals. 

Youth Job Connection:  This program offers three weeks of interactive, career exploration, self-assessment and pre-employment training to get you ready for the workforce.  Our team works closely with you and upon completion of your training we will assist you in securing a paid placement to further develop your employability skills. This program is appropriate for youth up to 29 years of age who are seeking to break into the job market.

Youth Job Connection Summer: If you are still in high school, intending to stay in school or access post-secondary education after placement and looking for a part-time or summer employment opportunity to gain experience towards your future goals,  this program may be right for you.  We offer pre-employment training prior to a paid placement to help you prepare for future educational or career choices.  This program is appropriate for youth  aged 15-18.

Student Employment Hub


Learn how the MSC can help those aged 15-29 secure employment, develop their resume and cover letter, and access training to advance their skillsets.


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Literacy: 519-842-9008 ext.266

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Livingston Centre: 519-842-9000


The Tillsonburg & District Multi-Service Centre is a registered charity that began operation in 1978. That means this year, we’re celebrating 45 years as a resource for Employment, Literacy, and Home Support to people in the tri-county area. We have spent 45 years ensuring our services are high quality and accessible. The MSC is an accredited organization that is proud to support people in our community yesterday, today, and for years to come!