How to Get Fired


blog stresses the significance of leaving a job gracefully and avoiding termination. It lists detrimental workplace behaviors to steer clear of, including negativity, destructive actions, punctuality issues, inflexibility, safety rule violations, dishonest timekeeping, theft, and inappropriate cell phone use. The conclusion encourages positive qualities like a good attitude, policy adherence, asking relevant questions, and taking initiative for a successful professional journey.

If you don’t enjoy your job and are ready for something new, the best way to go about it is providing 2 weeks’ notice of your resignation. Getting terminated by your employer is not only unfortunate because of job loss, but it also burns a bridge, causing you to lose a positive reference for future potential jobs.

Below is a list of ways to get fired. These are things that you should always AVOID doing in the workplace.


Showing negative, aggressive, or abusive behaviour – When your colleagues are afraid to or don’t want to work with you because of your attitude, you are making the environment negative for everyone, not just yourself.

Being destructive – Ruining workplace or co-workers’ property will cause you to look like a bad employee that cannot be trusted

Being late or absent frequently – This includes in the morning at the start of your shift, returning from breaks, or to scheduled meetings. Especially in manufacturing fields, production schedules need people back at their stations on time so things can function smoothly.

Being inflexible – If you are rigid, it will create challenges and make you seem like you are not a team player. Turning down requests because something is “not your job”, will reflect as poor performance.

Breaking Safety Rules – Safety is important for you, those around you, and  the reputation of your employer. Not following rules and procedures it grounds for immediate termination. This includes being intoxicated at work.

Signing in and out inaccurately  – Adding time or lying about your hours worked is time theft and fraud.

Stealing from the employer – Criminal behaviour is grounds for not only losing your job, but there could also be legal consequences.

Using your cell phone – Even if cell phone use is not against policy, taking photos or videos could be a breach of confidentiality, especially if you are posting on social media about the company, your employer, your supervisor, or coworkers.


It is always important to keep these qualities out of the workplace. You can ensure you’re being a good employee by maintaining a good attitude, asking appropriate questions, following policies and procedures, and taking initiative!