Steps 2 Success Program

Empowering Job Seekers
in Work and in Life

Steps 2 Success is a 4 week program packed with hands-on learning about preparing to work, how to handle challenges, ways to compete in the job market, and keeping a job long term.

WEEK 1: Self Care

Discover the motivations that drive your decisions, explore mindfulness, boost confidence, and gain insights into financial literacy. Additionally, we delve into the impact of social media on employer perceptions and provide introductory legal information. Join us for a week dedicated to self-discovery and empowerment, where we lay the foundation for your success by understanding yourself.

WEEK 2: Soft Skills

Week two is a journey of self-awareness, and we’ll focus on uncovering often underestimated yet crucial traits and skills. From recognizing and refining soft skills to polishing those that need a touch-up, this week is dedicated to personal growth. Explore the nuances of communication, collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving. Conclude the week with an enriching excursion to a local hub – the destination decided collectively by the group, aligning with everyone’s unique needs and interests.

WEEK 3: Career Exploration

Exploring your employment interests and aspirations takes center stage in Week Three of our Steps 2 Success program. Through assessments and tools, we’ll pinpoint the types of jobs that align with your fulfillment. Dive into crucial topics such as self-knowledge, essential skills, understanding Emotional Intelligence versus General Intelligence, effective career research, and crafting your action plan. This week is dedicated to equipping you with the insights and tools needed for a purposeful career journey.

WEEK 4: Employment Readiness

As you now possess the self-care and knowledge essential for excelling in your next job, and have ensured that the next step aligns with your goals, it’s time to integrate everything. Week Four is dedicated to honing your job search skills, crafting effective resumes, mastering interview techniques, understanding workplace health and safety, and implementing job retention strategies. Join us for a week focused on synthesizing your skills and knowledge for a successful job search and career development.

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