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The Employment Services team will help you find a job, retrain for a new career, and support you every step of the way!

 Improve essential skills to help achieve individual goals leading to personal independence and employment opportunities. 

In-home services for seniors and people with disabilities to maintain their independence, provided with respect and dignity.


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  • Discover Transferable Skills

    Understand the definition of transferable skills with helpful examples, and how to highlight them in your job application, resume, and interviews.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Development

    Learn how to effectively develop job specific resumes and cover letters. Work with experts to develop a portfolio to strengthen your chances of landing a job.

  • Accessing the Hidden Job Market

    Get to know the hidden job market, recognize labour market trends, and learn the importance of strategic and social networking in your job search.

  • Polish Your Interview Skills

    Gain interview experience with different types of questions through light hearted, easy going mock interviews with our employment experts.

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